Etheruem Smart Contract audit Course


Harsh Patel

Ethereum is a next generation blockchain which facilitates smart contracts over the internet Ethereum 101 course helps one understand ethereum blockchain, development of smart contract and security aspects of smart contract audit over blockchain. The course also details on various forks and implementation of ethereum. Aspects associated with dapp development are also covered in this course with additional consideration for security aspects of smart contract development.

Course Content (TOC):

Blockchain Basics
  • What is blockchain
  • Address
  • Transaction
  • Block
  • Mining / Validation
  • Triple entry accounting
Introduction to Ethereum
  • State Machines
  • Ethereum Virtual machine
  • Gas and Gas Price
  • State management
Solidity and Smart Contracts
  • Solidity Language Specification
  • Development Tools
  • Infrastructure components
Advance Solidity
  • Testing Frameworks
    • Unit Testing
    • Debugging Using Remix
  • Security Testing
    • Common Pitfalls
    • SWC Specification
    • Security Testing tools
    • Manual code audit
    • Tools for smart contract audit
    • Best Practices for writing smart contract audit


  • Laptop with chrome, Metamask and Nodejs installed
  • IDE required - Intellij or Atom or VScode

Who Should Attend

  • Those having a basic development background.
  • Those having a basic understanding of Security and cryptography background.

What to expect

  • To gain understanding how to write smart contracts over ethereum.

What not to expect

  • Gain of any monetary benefit like mining or trading with crypto currency.
Course Dates
29 & 30 August, 2020
5 & 6 September, 2020
4 Days
More Information
Charges are exclusive of GST, Tonscript Charges and Payment Gateway Charges

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