Shuhari Labs - A distinctive finishing school for Information Security Professionals who want to chart their own career graph within the industry. Banking on industrial experience spanning decades, we have curated: Structured, Hands on and industry standard driven training programs that is meant to address the skill gap that exists in the industry.

We, at Shuhari Labs focus on providing trainings that are geared towards improving practical competences. We believe in offering goal oriented, structured and hands on learning experience. Our trainers have rich industrial experience across various industries and are regularly host workshops, deliver talks at premium info-sec conferences such as: Defcon, BlackHat, c0c0n, Nullcon, HITB Dubai, HITB Delaware, Hack Miami etc.


Secure code audit is a highly effective process of identifying vulnerabilities in software.
We will discuss basic primitives, schemes and building blocks of cryptography + PKI.
Ethereum is a next generation blockchain which facilitates smart contracts over the internet.
This course is the culmination of years of experience gained via practical pentesting of mobile applications as well as countless hours spent in research.
To provide a hands on training on the technical aspects of attack simulation and red teaming tactics.